Car Photo Editing

Car Photo Editing

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What is a car photo editing service?

Car photo editing service Car marketing is growing day by day offline and online. Catching the attention of buyers is important. Lately, most people are shopping online almost everything including vehicles.

You run a Car Showroom and your entire business model involves putting up pictures of cars and waiting for buyers to call you, so you can make a sale. Potential Car buyers will decide on whether to visit your car dealership or not, based on the photo viewing experience you provide them.

Our vehicle photo editing professionals can resolve this issue by editing photos of cars and getting them ready for you to use them on your website, flyers, posters, catalogs, billboards, and more.

and many other works in car-related. as like:

Color Correction
Remove the Background
Background Replacement
Windows Glass Transparent
Car Photos Retouching
Color Adjustment
If you don’t like the final result, shoot our car photo editors an email, let us know the issues with it, and we’ll correct it right away. You don’t have to pay anything extra. It’s a complimentary service that we offer all our clients.

However, it is quite rare for our clients to show their dissatisfaction with the results of our auto retouch photo services. If they do, we’ll make sure the reason that’s making them unhappy is correct without delay.

The use of car photo editing service has made it possible for buyers to view the car on sale and its different parts clearly. Online car dealers have discovered the importance of high-quality images and their great visual value to buyers. The color, background, and other little adjustments give the buyer an appealing image.


Clipping path.

Clipping path services in Dhaka assist in a crop, image masking, background removal, color correction, etc. of the photos. We use Adobe Photoshop and similar software to do the clipping path. In fact, we are best at this service. All types of car photo clipping services are available at Pixels.

Background changing or removal.

Suppose, you have captured car photos where the area was full of crowd, things you don’t want to see in the photos. Pixels are well aware of background removal or changes in the elements of the pictures. We remove or insert (if needed) noise and grains to show the best part of the photos. We also remove the unwanted glare of the cameras from those photos.

Car-shadow making.

When you are putting a light or focus on the photos, you should be careful of the shadows too. We can make a car-shadow to bring the realistic look over a cropped or artificial car photo. Even our textured backdrop extending service is also effective to put emphasis on the backdrop of the car. We care about the sharp arcs, hard lines, angular corners, circles with extra labor, and attention.

Color variations.

Color variations can give you multiple options to choose a specific colored vehicle. When you want to paint the car or car parts in multiple different colors, our car photo color variations sample will help you. This is too much beneficial for your business. Your customers have options to choose like the same car with a different color. In another way, you can put a car with a different color on your e-commerce websites.

Brightness and contrast adjustments.

We retouch your car photos for editing with our creative minds. If you want quality photo retouching services in Dhaka, Pixelster is standing for you. We will correct the color, saturation, contrast, brightness, etc. of the photos. We are very good at low-light photos editing. So, it doesn’t matter where you capture your car photos. We put colors to make the car play in the buyers’ minds.


Photo manipulation.

Photo manipulation is the trick nowadays we use to make the immovable to movable. In easy words, we can manipulate the contents of the vehicle’s photo editing. We can make a stand-by car running on the road. Even we can put colorful or artistic designs on the body of the car or in the background.

Photo merging and frame size changing.

We can attach multiple photos to make a collage or merge them to provide a better understanding photo of the cars. Sometimes, frame size correction like increasing or decreasing may help you present the content of the photos well. Our specialists’ hands can change any photo size or merge them.

Watermarks adding or removal.

Raw images have watermarks of date and time in one corner of them. Even you can see modern days people are using the phone camera to capture the photos of the vehicles. You can’t post a photo on your car selling a website having time and date stamp on it. Because it will make the audience distracted and less interested. Pixels do clean the stamp to portray a cool photo of your car. Similarly, we can add a watermark on those photos if you want.

Adding people or objects.

Adding people, logos, other objects is also our task. Suppose, you want to add a man standing before the car to look the car more detailed. Or, you may want to add your company logo on the photos. Everything visual we can add or remove on the car photos editing. Adding texture or effects on the photos by our experts is plus services from us.


Color correction and improvements.

You want to put black color instead of white to make the vehicle magnetic to the viewers. This is quite tough to use Photoshop alone without proper skills to correct the color. We have a group of photo color correcting persons who can handle the matter smartly. We can improve, change, or alter the color through our magical tools.


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